Leann Kanda

Associate Professor, Biology


More than a course

For many of my students, the research experience is not confined to the experiment in hand.  

Student accomplishments in my lab also include:


Kanda, L.L., L. Louon*, and K. Straley*. IN PRESS 2012. “Stability in activity and boldness across time and context in captive Siberian dwarf hamsters." Ethology.

In Review

Kanda, L.L., and J. Hatzel*. In Review. "Captive behavior and home range size in subadult muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus): Does personality relate to space use?" Canadian Journal of Zoology.

In Prep

Edwards, E.*, and L.L. Kanda. (in prep) Autumn amphibian-vegetation associations in a new mitigation wetland. aimed for Northeastern Naturalist.

Kanda, L.L., A. Abdulhay*, and C. Erickson*. (in prep) Adult access to a running wheel does not change activity or boldness temperaments in Siberian dwarf hamsters (Phodopus sungorus). aimed for Behavioural Processes.