Meet the People Who Bring You FLEFF


Patricia Zimmermann, Director

Ann Michel and Phil Wilde, Festival Producers

Brett Bossard, Associate Programmer

Leah Shafer, Associate Producer

Ari Kissiloff, Technical Consultant and Associate Producer

Rachael Geary, Assistant Producer

Barbara Adams, Literary Curator

Dale Hudson and Claudia Costa Pederson, New Media Art Curators

Patti Capaldi, Artist and Graphic Designer

Rachel Schaff, Assistant to the Director

Johnine McCarthy, Marketing Consultant

Quincy Davidson and Wendy Kobler, Outreach and Engagement Consultants

Jonathan Ablard and Enrique Gonzalez-Conty, Latin American/Mexican/Caribbean Film Programming Consultants

Mat Fournier, Francophone Film Programming Consultant

Dale Hudson, MENASA Film Programming Consultant

Gina Marchetti, East and Southeast Asian Film Programming Consultant

Diarah Ndaw Spech, African Film Programming Consultant

Michael Richardson, European Film Programming Consultant

Stewart Auyash, Public Health Film and Event Programming Consultant

Shaianne Oesterreich, Economics and Political Economy Film and Event Programming Consultant

Raza Rumi, Independent Journalism Programming Consultant

Jonathan Ablard, Tony Adah, Barbara Adams, Reece Auguiste, Stewart Auyash, Les Black, Brett Bossard, Jake Brenner, Kenneth Clarke, Helen De Michiel, Patrick Hansen, Matt Holtmeier, Dale Hudson, Jennifer Jolly, Scott MacDonald, Gina Marchetti, Liz Miller, Shaianne Oesterreich, Claudia Costa Pederson, Michael Richardson, Raza Rumi Ahmad, Christin Schillinger, Leah Shafer, Andrew Utterson, Elizabeth Wijaya, Zhen Zhang, Patricia Zimmermann, Event and Talkback Moderators

Louise Baron, Grace Bonner, Taylor Cliff, Grace Collins,  Queline Meadows, Stephanie Tokasz, Alison True: Assistants to the Producers

Jacklyn Das and Julia Tulke, Associate Producers for Outreach and Engagement

Rachel Rosenberg and Paris Buckner, Outreach and Engagement Associates

Ben Andrews, Lindsey Canavan, Ellie Cohen, Chelsea Deegan, Liam Donovan, Brandon Engemann, Guadalupe Fanelli, Justin Foster, Kyle Furlani, Gabe Garcia, Henry Gelperin, Aidan Henderson, Angelica James, Ethan-Ramon King, Jem Taylor Minier, M Minton, Roxanne Palladino, Ainsley Perkins, Kaden Shea, Julien Sobel, Henry Suzuki, Ella Tunis, William Walberg, Avery Winwood: Brand Ambassadors

Julian Sobel, Park Center for Independent Media Intern

Leah Shafer, Editor; Rachel Schaff, Assistant Editor; Rachael Geary, Editorial Assistant; Rachel Rosenberg, Editorial Assistant for the 25 for 25: Celebrating FLEFF's Transformative Vision blog

Jennifer Richards, Ithaca College librarian for the FLEFF collection

Thomas Shevory, Codirector Emeritus

Tanya Saunders, Executive Producer Emerita