Ithaca College Annual Fund

The Ithaca College Annual Fund supports the entire IC experience, and your annual gift goes right where it’s needed most — right when it’s needed most — to make students' time on campus the best it can be.

Specifically, annual fund dollars are spent in a way that mirrors how the college's dollars are allocated. And no matter what fresh challenges each school year brings, the following four areas will always require the bulk of the college's resources:

36% ~ The Learning Experience

It should come as no surprise that the highest percentage of funds each fiscal year goes towards things like classroom equipment and resources, seminars, guest lecturers, faculty support, and the library — the things that keep IC's academic experience among the best in our peer group.

31% ~ Financial Help for Students

IC is the perfect fit for students who want a unique, transformative college experience. But many on our campus wouldn't be here if it weren't for the financial help that the college provides. Funding from IC augments federal and state scholarships, grants, and loans to make the dream of an IC experience come true.

21% ~ Life at IC

Student organizations, sports, counseling, advising, tutoring, a fitness center — life at IC is more than classroom learning. The college is committed to providing students with a high-quality, comprehensive residential experience, and that includes supporting things like the Student Governance Council, multicultural programming, and on-campus wellness services.

12% ~ Keeping Up the College

Utilities, buildings and grounds maintenance, and tech resources like wi-fi and infrastructure support ensure the college has what it requires to successfully function as an institution and serve the needs of all on campus.