Degree Evaluations (CAPP)


Your degree evaluation is an advising tool available in HomerConnect. The degree evaluation function is how the Office of the Registrar determines if you have met the requirements for graduation. If any of the categories/areas of your degree evaluation read as “not met” (including additional majors, minors, and/or concentrations) when it is time for you to graduate, your graduation will be delayed. Please note: grades of Incomplete will delay graduation as well.

Use your degree evaluation as a tool to track your requirements and progress toward degree completion. If you take an approved alternate course to complete major, minor, or concentration requirements, please work with your faculty adviser/department chair to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is completed and approved. You should review your degree evaluation to ensure that any waivers/substitutions that have been submitted are listed appropriately. Furthermore, use your degree evaluation to confirm minor/concentration registrations.

The School of Humanities and Sciences’ Academic Advising Office strongly recommends that you bring a copy of your degree evaluation and academic transcript to academic advising appointments with your faculty adviser. This will help you plan for your future course selections/semesters at Ithaca College. In fact, you should review your degree evaluation at least once per semester.


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