Denise Nuttall (Anthropology) speaks on ethnomusicology in India

Denise Nuttall participated in a roundtable/seminar with leading ethnomusicologists from India, Australia, UK and Japan in Pune, India on February 5-7.

The conference was titled “Baajaa Gaagjaa - Music From 21st Century India. 
A Celebration of India's Musical Diversity.” Dr. Nuttall’s seminar was titled "Music 
Education: Diverse Objectives and Strategies." It brought together international music 
educators to discuss various models of education in ethnomusicology and musicology in 
India.  Dr. Nuttall spoke on how to create an 'integrated' or interdisciplinary curriculum 
incorporating both anthropology and music.  

Baajaa Gaajaa is an annual Independent Music Expo/Festival/Conference (an Indian version of the World Music Expo) with exhibitions, tradeshows, performances, seminars and workshops celebrating India's diverse musical traditions such as folk, tribal, classical, popular (non-Bollywood) as well as rock, jazz and emerging electronic styles. Dr. Nuttall also recruited potential IC students at a college expo at the event.

Originally published in Intercom: Denise Nuttall (Anthropology) speaks on ethnomusicology in India.

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