Selected Student Research Projects

Student Research Publications and Presentations

Most of our students carry out research project much beyond the what is required to graduate.  Often, this effort yields new and interesting scientific results and students co-author scientific papers with faculty members.  Below are some examples, with Ithaca College undergraduates in bold

"A quorum sensing antagonist targets both membrane-bound and cytoplasmic receptors and controls bacterial pathogenicity"  Swem LR, Swem DL, O'Loughlin CT, Gatmaitan R, Zhao B, Ulrich SM, Bassler BL.  Mol Cell. 2009 Jul 31;35(2):143-53.

"Photoelectrochemistry of Porous p-Cu2O Films"  Clifford J. Engel, Thomas A. Polson, Jacy R. Spado, Jennifer M. Bell, and Akiko Fillinger
J. Electrochem. Soc. 155 F37 2008

"Design and Evaluation of Linkerless Hydroxamic Acids and Selective HDAC8 Inhibitors"  KrennHrubec K, Marshal B, Hedglin M, Verdin E and Ulrich SM.  2007 March 30 Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters

"Designing ionic liquids with boron cluster anions: alkyl pyridinium and imidazolium [nido C2B9H11] and [closo-CB11H12] carborane salts" Dymon,J., Wibby,R., Kleingardner,J., Tanski, J.M., Guzei, I.A., Holbrey, J.D., Larsen, A.S. Dalton Trans., 2008

Michael Sangi ('05) is a coauthor in a recent publication "A Reassessment of the Transition-Metal Free Suzuki-Type Coupling Methodology" in the Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2005, 70, 161-168. Michael worked at the University of Connecticut in a summer NSF REU program in 2004.


Our department often sends students to present their research at the American Chemical Society National Meeting.   Poster titles and links to abstracts are listed below. Student travel funds are provided through the generous support of Alumni donations and Sigma Xi. Follow this link to see some photos.

Competitive inhibition of LuxS: A quorum sensing enzyme Michael MaCauley, Nickeisha Stephenson, and Scott Ulrich.

Stille reactions catalyzed by a silylene-palladium complex Michael Sangi, Kenneth Lassen, Nick Hill, and Michael Haaf.

Selective inhibition of mutant histone deacetylases Mark Hedglin and Scott M. Ulrich.

Synthesis of mitochondrially targeted antioxidants Erin Grosstephan, Henry Schierembergg, Sonya Morse, James R. Connor, Xuesheng Zhang, and Michael Haaf.

Synthesis and characterization of low-melting salts: N-alkyl pyridinium cations with derivatized carborane anions Jesse Kleingardner and Anna S. Larsen.

Unified molecular orbital images for the chemistry classroom Matthew K. Sprague and Anna S. Larsen.

Synthesis and characterization of cyclopentadienyl nitrosyl ruthenium complex Matthew J. Pearsall and Anna S. Larsen.

p-Type nanocube CuO films and polycrystalline Cu2O films for photoelectrochemical energy conversion Thomas Andrew Polson and Akiko Fillinger.

Energetic and geometric insights of methoxide in methanol CH3O–(CH3OH)n, for n = 1-20 Vincent F. DeTuri and Matthew K. Sprague.

Student Profiles

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Matthew Sprague, class of 2005, overview of research;

Dan Cordaro, class of 2007, overview of research

And now hear and see the students talk about their research:

Jason Diaz, class of 2009

Erin Grosstephan, class of 2005

Matt Sprague, class of 2005

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