Computer Science Faculty member part of team awarded NSF grant

The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant of approximately $150,000 to four faculty members in the School of Humanities and Sciences.

The project, entitled "Multidisciplinary Sustainability Modules: Integrating STEM Courses," is under the direction of Ali S. Erkan, Department of Computer Science; Jason G. Hamilton, Department of Biology; Thomas J. Pfaff, Department of Mathematics; Michael Rogers, Department of Physics.

The proposed project will create a framework for incorporating multidisciplinary projects in scientific education. Specifically, the project will focus on the rich set of problems encountered in sustainability in order to formulate how they can be tackled by students from different disciplines working collectively, iteratively, but not necessarily simultaneously, over a set of online tools for exchanging data, code, reports, and expertise.

This award is effective June 1, 2009, and expires May 31, 2012.


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