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Geese flying

Last blog entry I was exceptionally transfixed on lack of snow in Ithaca.  Well in the past month it has snowed maybe 6 or 7 times with varying amounts of snow.  I've greatly treasured each snowfall, enjoying whatever type of precipitation comes.  Unfortunately, the beautiful snowy weather only would last for a few days and then BAM... a 50 degree day!  This winter has sadly lead to a very early spring.  Yesterday, I saw buds blooming in a yard as I passed by, and it was only 40 degrees.  On Friday I watched a flock of geese swim around in Chapel Pond and I even saw a male duck.  My friends in the Non-Timber Forest Products course, taught by Jason Hamiliton, already started to tap the maple trees as sap is beautifully flowing at least a month early.  All I know is that I do appreciate the warm weather because I love being outside but, I truly miss the winter weather.  In two weeks I will be heading to Northwest Scotland to an eco-village called Findhorn.  I will be experiencing cold weather with temperatures below zero but, who knows maybe Findhorn is greatly affected by the global temperature shift.  My good friend is heading to Mongolia right after I venture to Scotland and I she will be experiencing extreme winters 20 or 30 degrees below 0 and I cannot even fathom what that temperature really feels like. I wish I could express how I truly feel about this weather but, I am interested in the side affects of lacking a truly chilly, snow-filled winter.  I wonder what will lie ahead for the up-incoming seasons. 


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