Politics Student Projects

Documentary Film: “Shooting the Messenger“

Documentary Film: “Shooting the Messenger“

Politics students with Iraqi translators

“Shooting the Messenger/ اطلاق النار على صاحب رسالة” is a student documentary film created by Katie Zimmerman, Kaitlyn Rich and Amy Born, students in Prof. Beth Harris's Politics seminar “Witnessing War, Displacement, Occupation."

Amy is a Politics major, and Katie and Kaitlyn are Politics minors. The students were awarded $500 for their project from the Humanities and Sciences Educational Grant Initiative.

The film features interviews with Iraqi translators and interpreters employed by the United States in Iraq. The interviews depict the challenges of translating during a violent conflict and between two very different cultures and languages.

Katie observes, "these brave Iraqis became United States collaborators in hopes of helping their country but are frequently targeted by extremists. Thousands of translators and interpreters have been injured, hundreds have been killed and very few have made it safely to the United States."

“Shooting the Messenger” puts a face to stories that aren’t often told and documents translators' and interpreters' struggles, successes and hope for the future.

Students filled Textor 103 at IC for the debut screening of “Shooting the Messenger”. The film was followed by a presentation by Ithaca College Professor Haydar Assad, former Iraqi translator, and a question and answer session with Professor Assad and the student organizers.