Independent Studies and Internships

For independent studies, we will use the Psychology Department Independent Study form (see downloadable form at the bottom of this page). Additionally, H&S requires you to submit this form by the first day of classes that the independent study will take place:

For internships, we will also use the Psychology Department Internship Form:

The deadline for submission of the Independent Study Learning and Internship contracts form will be 3 days before the end of the Add/Drop period. The expectation is that all independent studies and internships are approved no later than by the end of the Add/Drop period.

The Psychology Department Independent Study and Internship course numbers are:

PSYC 35100 - Independent Supervised Study (may be taken more than once; 1-5 cr.)

PSYC 35200 - Independent Supervised Research (may be taken more than once; 1-5 cr.)

PSYC 45000 - Internship in Psychology. (up to 12 cr.; Junior standing

PSYC 45100 - Advanced Independent Supervised Study (including honors studies (generally following PSYC 35100; 1-5 cr.)

PSYC 45200 - Advanced Independent Supervised Research (including honors studies (generally following PSYC 35200; 1-5 cr.)