Writing Contest

2016 Winners

Please check back soon to read the winning entries! A reading and awards ceremony will also be held at 6:00PM Tuesday, May 3rd, at the Handwerker Gallery

First-Year Essay

  1. Alexa Ubeda, "Bibliography of My Identities"
  2. Cate Tauriello, "TTYL"



  1. Byron Bixler, "Marvel and the Era of the Mega Franchise"
  2. Kirsten Wise, "How to have Cheese Time with Italian-Americans"



  1. Khin Chan Myae Maung, "Plants that Grow in Shade"
  2. Erika Walsh, "Nature Takes Its Course"



  1. Khin Chan Myae Maung: "Reptilian Wine Night, "Wet Market," and "Why you  being into Asian girls is not OK"
  2. Mary Oliver: "The Coldest February on Record," Vigil, very soon after.", and "Swimming in Ithaca;"



  1. Nighttrain Schickele, "Abenaki"
  2. Amanda Boyle, "Starstuff"


Personal Essay

1. Emma Sheinbaum, "Breaking Open"

2. Aimee McManus, "I Will Tell Her About Guilt"


2. Tim Swenarton, "Cockoon"



  1. Clara O'Connor, "How Pink Spray Paint Convinced Me That We Need More Art"
  2. Amanda Livingston, "My Hair Does Not Make Me Beautiful"


Judges' Prize

Khin Chan Myae Maung, who was featured as part of the New Voices Festival



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