Exploratory Peer Ambassadors and Leaders

Jake Smith

Jake Smith

Jacob Smith Preferred Name: Jake Smith Major: Applied Economics Minor: Legal Studies

Why I chose my major: I chose my major because it connected nicely to my interests. I found that in my politics classes I often ended up talking about economics even without direction from my professors. Also, after I graduate, if everything goes as planned, I will start out in the Air Force as an acquisitions officer. My rationale for picking this major is that it would tie in nicely with the path that I want to take with the Air Force and once I chose to leave the Air Force it would make me very competitive in the private sector.

My favorite resource as an Exploratory student: My favorite resource as an Exploratory student was my advisor. My advisor was helpful, and I was in her office a lot.

The thing I liked most about the Exploratory program: The thing that I liked most about the Exploratory program was my access to classes that I really wanted to take. In the Exploratory program you have the excellent privilege of picking classes sooner than your other peers.

My biggest piece of advice to other Exploratory students: The biggest thing to keep in mind as an Exploratory student or for pretty much everybody in college, is to be your own advocate. Think about the questions you want answers to and then be persistent and get what you need to taken care of.

Extracurricular activities: Air Force ROTC and the debate team.