Advice for Kalia

Keep the flip flops, striped shirts, cut offs
At least on weekends, also your quick tendency toward
Laughter, toward amazed comprehension of
Incongruities, that shake of the shoulders at the wonder of it
All of it

All of it dwelling within the mind
(Remember us our Dickinson!)
Magic be our metaphor
Be our plot, character, design
Real things spun from what
Ululating impulse
Spiders be our totem
This my wish for you:
Enter into each mystery and there

Assistant professor Mary Beth O'Connor wrote this poem for recent graduate Kalia Armbruster, a writing major and English minor. O'Connor says, "Kalia worked with me for years coordinating the Handwerker Gallery's Thursday evening readings, and she took a couple of classes with me, too. I love her writing."