Award-Winning Student Scholars

Students in H&S are actively engaged in undergraduate research, working side-by-side with faculty in laboratories and in the field, engaged in experiential learning of the first order. H&S students routinely present the results of their research at undergraduate and professional conferences, and many of them publish papers in student and professional journals. Increasingly, too, they are being recognized and rewarded for the high-quality work they produce. This year, four students were singled out for special awards for their research papers and presentations, while other students received fellowships and appointments.

At this spring's Eastern Colleges Science Conference, Delia Beck '10 won the award for the outstanding paper in psychology for her research paper, "Gender Differences in Body Dissatisfaction, Diet Preoccupation, and Fitness Preoccupation among College Students." This was the first time ECSC bestowed the award on a psychology student from Ithaca College. Other psychology students were also recognized at the conference: the award for the outstanding poster in psychology was given to Jordana Cohen '10, Matt Dianthony '10, and David Morgan '10 for "College Students Use of Psychiatric Medication."

Emily Backus '12 (physics and business administration double major) won one of five awards for the best undergraduate presentation at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society in Portland, Oregon, a professional meeting attended by several thousand physicists from all over the world. She presented a paper based on her research on superconductors that was conducted in the low temperature lab in the physics department at IC under the supervision of Professor Matthew Sullivan.

Kaleigh Mrowka '10 (speech communication) was recognized with the honor of top paper in the relational communication division at the seventh annual RIT Conference on Undergraduate Research in Communication. Mrowka also coauthored with Professor Danette Johnson a paper entitled "Generative Learning, Quizzing, and Cognitive Learning: An Experiment in the Communication Classroom." It is forthcoming in an issue of the professional research journal Communication Education.

Lindsay Pehmoeller '10 (anthropology and politics) won the 2010 Cortland Auser Undergraduate Student Paper Award for her paper, "Islam at Ithaca College: A Study of Muslim Student Identity," at the National Association for Ethnic Studies Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. She also presented this paper at two other conferences in the spring: the Northeast Anthropology Association Annual Conference in Buffalo and the National Conference for Undergraduate Research in Montana.