Graded Exercise Test (GXT)

What is a Graded Exercise Test (GXT)?

The Graded Exercise Test (GXT) is an evaluation of your exercise capacity, and is provided free to all Wellness Clinic participants. This test can cost $250 - $500 when administered in an outside setting. The GXT is valuable because it provides:

  • The BEST measurement of your cardiovascular fitness and functional capacity
  • Information used for counseling and the development of your exercise program
  • Monitoring of your cardiovascular fitness progress
  • Information that may assist in screening for cardiovascular disease

GXTs are always done with ECG (heart) monitoring. With your approval, we will also collect expired gas (using a mouthpiece) during your GXT. This is highly recommended for the most accurate information (adds over $200 in value to the study), and allows determination of your VO2 max. Some people find wearing a mouthpiece uncomfortable for the 10-15 minute testing period. Please let us know if you would not like expired gas information to be collected.

A GXT is performed for all Clinic members every three years to allow us to track your health and fitness, and to best serve you. It is also part of our student training thereby helping us meet the educational mission of the Clinic and Ithaca College.