Strengths of ESS: Alumni Describe Their Ithaca College Experiences

“[I received an] advanced education in health science and human performance and outstanding preparation for careers above and beyond that of peers from other colleges.”

“Compared to the seven other exercise physiologists, I was more qualified and more prepared, and three of those employees had an M.S. in exercise physiology. Ithaca College prepared me with four years of hands-on lab experience.”

“Wanting to focus on sport psychology and to pursue that as a career, I felt well prepared to go into the graduate program.”

“The athletic training program provided me with ample opportunities to gain experience in the field of exercise and sport sciences as well as to develop key skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in an allied health profession.”

“My experience at Ithaca is one that I often talk about and see as a highlight in my educational career. The education I got really prepared me to continue in the field at a high level. I am constantly amazed by how much more I was taught than some of my peers coming from a similar background. I am very proud to say that I graduated from IC with a degree in exercise science.”