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Technology offers many exciting opportunities for physical educators to enhance student learning.  Heart rate monitors and pedometers help students receive more precise feedback about their effort and accomplishments.  The Tri-Fit machine provides a complete fitness assessments along with suggestions for improvement. Handheld computers enable physical educators to more easily track student performance. The Wii gives students the change to practice their practice their tennis strokes or engage in other activiites against competition.  Dance Dance Revolution challenges students to work at a high pace, while enjoying dancing to contemporary music.  These and other technologies are helping change the nature of physical education.

You can watch our students demonstrate technology and its role in the new "e-physcial education" -- and congratulations to our students who produced this video!

See the video on YouTube !

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Approximately 10 students from the HPPE majors club attend the 
mini-conference for Health and Physical Educators held at SUNY Cortland 
on Friday, October 9, 2009 from 9:00-2:00 p.m.  A variety of sessions 
ranging from curriculum mapping to using the PE Profile in the classroom 
were presented.  Our students had the opportunity to participate in 
sessions that were of interest to them.  In addition, this conference 
provided an opportunity for our students to network with Health and 
Physical Educators from different school districts.  Overall, this was a 
positive experience for our students.

Raj Subramaniam

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