Motor Behavior & Fitness Lab

Motor Behavior & Fitness Lab.

Students in Health Promotion & Physical Education have access to a lab for Motor Behavior and Fitness in education. In this lab setting, they have hands on experience in fitness assessment and engage in activities that help them understand how people of all ages acquire motor skills and how these skills change over the lifespan.

Run by Dr. Hongwei Guan, the lab houses resources students use in

  • PHED 21200 Motor Skill Development
  • PHED 23400 Fitness Applications for Health Promotion, and
  • HLTH 31500 Health Research & Analysis.
TriFIT system is installed in the Motor Behavior & Fitness Lab for Physical Activity and Physical Fitness teaching and evaluation.
New for 2009/2010

Wii Fit is installed in Dr. Hongwei Guan's Physical Movement in Education Lab.