Department Goals

Learning Outcomes - Health Promotion Programs



B.S. Health Sciences- Premed

B.S. Health Sciences - Nutrition

B.S. Health Care Management

B.S. Public & Community Health

Content Knowledge & Skills: The HPPE graduate demonstrates a rich and thorough understanding of content and skill knowledge, theories, and issues that comprise their discipline.

Planning & Implementation: The  HPPE graduate plans and implements effective strategies to ensure healthy clients, healthy organizations, and a healthy population.

Positive Environment: The HPPE graduate creates safe, healthy, dynamic, and motivational working environments that encourage every worker, client, or community member to become actively involved, and to collaborate.

Diversity: The HPPE graduate demonstrates and celebrates the unique nature, abilities, cultures, and characteristics of all people. 

Technology: The HPPE graduate effectively utilizes technology to enhance the effectiveness of strategies for clients, organizations, and the community. 

Research & Analysis: The HPPE graduate develops and utilizes a variety of research tools and analysis techniques designed to evaluate client needs, organizational performance, and community needs. 

Collaboration & Outreach: The HPPE graduate fosters positive relationships and collaborates with a variety of target groups (e.g. students, colleagues, families, local community members, etc.) in order to promote and enhance the health of a community. 

Professional Development: The HPPE graduate continually seeks to expand knowledge and improve effectiveness as a professional, to make positive professional contributions, and to exhibit the professional disposition.  Graduates do this through reflection and self-evaluation.



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