HSHP Students Take Home Top Prizes in IC's Business Idea Competition

Twelve teams made their final pitch for a chance to win $5,000 during IC's School of Businesses Second Annual Business Idea Competition. And for two HSHP students their ideas are one step closer to becoming a reality.

Winner in the Product track was Tim Reynolds (DPT ’14) with his product idea, The KettleShell. The KettleShell transforms any dumbbell into a kettlebell, which is one of the biggest, yet expensive, trends in the fitness industry today.

In the Health track Mia Thomas (Clinical Health Studies ’13) tied for first place with her product, InsertHeels. Mia developed a shoe insert to help walking patters in autistic patients that toe walk. The insert contains three uniquely designed studs that target the clients’ need for stimulation in their heels.

Chris Burch ’76, Michael Axelrod ’91, and Gregory J. Hartz, judged the competition that included student pitches and a Q&A session. Each of the winning teams can secure an additional $5,000 for reaching milestones if they continue with their venture.

Visit the Business Idea Competition website to view Tim and Mia's presentation and to watch the video of all twelve finalists.