Last chance to register for course on urban education in DC (May 21-May 25)


Contributed by Peter C Martin

Professor Peter Martin, Department of Education, is planning a one-week, one-credit summer course in Washington, DC from May 21th to May 25th, 2012, that will focus on urban educational innovation and reform initiatives.

Within the context of both the school system and charter schools, D.C. has become the forum for a wide range of educational programs that try to find innovative ways to meet the needs of children within the context of No Child Left Behind, urban socioeconomic pressures, and a history of public school failure.  Students will examine some of these initiatives through a study of underlying issues and site visits to charter schools, public schools, and district offices that try to implement urban reform.  Different visions will be studied through school and neighborhood visits, interviews, and observations.  Approaches will be compared and trends identified.   This course is intended for a general undergraduate audience. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Please contact Dr. Martin as soon as possible at for more information and to let him know about your interest.