MYTHOLOGY and LATIN in the Spring


Contributed by Robert Ziomkowski

Interested in mythology? Or need to take a language? Read texts in translation in Classical Mythology (Latin 250), or consider Latin 102 for language credit. 

If you want to study mythology, but don't know any Latin, take Latin 250 -- no knowledge of Latin is required: all readings are in translation. It is being offered in the Spring on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:10. Readings will be supplemented with modern movie adaptations.

If you need to study a language, Latin 102 is being offered in the Spring on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:35. Some basic prior knowledge is required. Please contact Dr. Robert Ziomkowski ( about placement based on high school experience. There you can read about the myths of ancient Rome in the original language, and improve your English vocabulary while studying another language! Over half the words in English are derived from Latin.

Latin will help you understand the specialized vocabulary of many different courses, including those offered by HSHP, Pre-law, and practically everything offered by the School of Humanities and Sciences—in fact, the words “Humanities” and “Sciences” are themselves derived from Latin: humanitates and scientiae! Improve your knowledge of English literature and History, both of which are deeply influenced by Roman thought and culture.