Build Your VoiceThread Skills


Contributed by Jenna Linskens

VoiceThread, an interactive online environment, allows instructors and students to asynchronously engage with each other around a variety of media using their voice, video or text. Particularly useful in fostering rich online discussions around media, for language education and online learning and VoiceThread is widely used in K-12 and higher education.

To help faculty learn more about using this digital tool VoiceThread is offering the following webinars in August and September. Please register through the links provided by VoiceThread.   

VoiceThread Basics 1 - Upload, Comment, and Share - August 6 at 1:00pm ETRegister here 

Participants will learn how to upload media, comment and annotate on that media, and share it with others. This will be a slow paced, step-by-step, hands-on workshop. 

VoiceThread Basics 2 - Groups and Secure Sharing 
August 13 at 1:00pm ET
 - Register here 

Participants will learn how to create groups and subgroups, set sharing permissions within those groups, and privately share VoiceThreads with individuals. 

VoiceThread Basics 3 - Moderating Comments, Private and Threaded Replies, and Copying 
August 27 at 1:00pm ET - Register here 

In our third workshop in the series, participants will learn how to give private feedback, use threaded commenting, copy VoiceThreads for use with multiple groups, and use comment moderation to formatively assess student work. 

VoiceThread Basics 4 - VoiceThread and Your LMS 
September 3 at 1:00pm ET
 - Register here 

We will work on integrating VoiceThread into a learning management system. With LMS integration educators can create and share VoiceThreads and grade student work. Participants will learn how to use the assignment builder feature to assess student work during a hands-on segment. 

In addition to the webinars, the Teaching & Learning with Technology team can provide additional one-on-one support in learning how to utilize this tool to engage students in learning. Please submit a request to meet 1:1 with one of our TLT team members to learn more about using VoiceThread with your courses.