Students present at MAPACA


Contributed by Katharine Kittredge


Eight IC students presented their original research at the Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association’s annual conference on November 7-9.



Topics of presentation included: comic books, musicals, classic children’s cartoons, Instagram Influencers, children’s horror movies, mental health and video games, and web comics. All of the students are veterans of IC’s biennial “Pippi to Ripley: Feminist and Fantastic Popular Culture” conference and were coached for this conference by Katharine Kittredge. 

Charlotte Noel Kane (English, 2019) “Under the Influence: How Instagram Propagates Eating Disorders”

Lauren Suna (Emerging Media, 2020) “Climbing the Mountain of Anxiety and Depression: Celeste and Mental Health”

Alayna Vander Veer (English, 2020) “’For the honor of Grayskull’: Re-imagining Strength in Netflix’s She-ra and the Princesses of Power”

Andrea Yzaguirre (English, 2020) “The Woman Get Married: How Peggy Carter’s Happy Ending Isn’t So Happy”

Eliana Berger (English, 2020) “Clanks, Constructs and Mad Science: Agatha Heterodyne’s Promotion of Inter-group Empathy in Girl Genius”

Erica Otis (Writing for Film, 2021) “Why Should You be Different from All the Other Girls?” : The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Batgirl”

Angelina Randazzo (English, 2021) “’We Could be Beautiful’: A Marxist Reading of Mean Girls and Heathers

Isabella Oliverio (Television Radio, 2021) “Where There Is No Imagination There Is No Horror: Horror Marketed towards Youth through Animated Films”