A note from VP Guerrero regarding Purchasing and Discretionary Spending


Contributed by Melanie Reyes

Dear Ithaca College Faculty and Staff,

In light of the changing world, we ask that you be very mindful of your purchasing and discretionary spending.  The Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis has impacted all of us personally and professionally, including the future of Ithaca College’s finances. The fiscal challenges that we are currently facing have been addressed in the variety of All-Staff, All-Faculty, and InFinty meetings; however, I wanted to reiterate it via intercom. 


Therefore, with our respective academic semester coming to a close, and our students and employees learning/working remotely, our spending should be at a minimum. We should not be looking to spend our current allocations for next fiscal year, even if we think it is prudent and thoughtful planning.We do not know yet what the plan is for the upcoming summer and next academic year. We need to continue to shore up our finances for this fiscal year.

Thank you in advance for all of your efforts as we work to preserve the future of our institution.


Bill Guerrero

Vice President for Finance & Administration

Ithaca College