Fall 2021 Registration


Contributed by Vikki Levine

New fall students, deferred students, transfer students and new graduate students: Information regarding registration will be provided early summer. Announcements can be found on the Orientation website.

Continuing Students, Students Returning from a Leave, Graduate Students:

The fall 2021 course schedule will be available for view on HomerConnect and Degree Works beginning Tuesday, March 30th at noon. (Please note this date changed due to the campus closure on Monday, March 29th.)

On March 30th, after 12pm current and returning students will be able to view their Registration Status (aka Time Ticket) on HomerConnect. Registration Status lets students know what time they can register for classes. To ensure the most accurate time ticket, students should confirm all transfer credits have been awarded and complete any change of majors/minors/concentrations via IC workflow. Completed Block 1 courses will count as earned credits, grades of NGS or Incomplete will not count.

Registration status is based on credits earned, in progress spring or registered summer courses DO NOT count in the credit total for registration.

To check your credits earned; on your Student Profile page in HomerConnect:

Prerequisite Checking and Course Restrictions WILL include review  of spring and summer course registration.

A prerequisite for a course can be viewed on the Registration and Planning tab and/or DegreeWorks. If a course requires a prerequisite, you must fulfill that requirement and receive a passing grade BEFORE registering for the course.

Click error messages for additional information on prerequisites and section restrictions.

The fall 2021 schedule will reflect a traditional course offering with in person classes.

The IC Workflow overrides system opens with your time ticket (not before).

There is NO option in the override system when a class is full, the only option for a full class is to go on waitlist (if waitlist seats are available). Please keep in mind, this is only the beginning of registration which continues until the last day of add/drop in fall, August 29, 2021.

Registration Access Code (RAC):

Students in H & S, Recreation Leisure Studies, Pre-Health Professions , and current first year students in the School of Business are required to meet with their advisor to receive their RAC which will be available to advisors March 30th by noon. Students in the above populations must have this code in order to register.  The only way for a student to obtain this code is to make an advising appointment with their advisor.

Registration Dates & Times

The Registrar's Office and Academic Advising Center open at 7:30 am
on April 13th, 15th, 20th and 22nd.

If you have any questions please contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@ithaca.edu.