What To Do With 3 Free Summer Credits? Explore Dialects for Stage and Screen!


Contributed by Kathleen Mulligan

Professor Kathleen Mulligan, Theatre Arts, will offer a new course "Performing Dialects: Understanding Characters Through Language" as part of the May session 2021. All levels of experience are welcome! The course will provide practice in identifying specific sound changes to shift from one's unique idiolect to the dialect of a character. Exploration of four dialects/accents will be offered in the two-week course.



THEA 13800-01 Performing Dialects: Understanding Characters Through Language. Introduction to the study and practice of linguistic dialects in social and cultural context, with a focus on the role of dialect in the formation of identity and character for theatre, film, and television performance.  Liberal Arts. 3 Credits. CRN 10210

Please contact Professor Mulligan with any questions.

Reminder:  Ithaca College is generously offering every full-time, matriculated IC undergraduate student an opportunity to take up to 3 undergraduate credits in the winter or summer term 2021 at no additional charge.