International Student Photo Galleries

Please take a moment to view photo albums of some recent events and projects featuring our on-campus international community members.

Class of 2023 Graduation Reception

The ICIC e-board hosted a graduation reception for the class of 2023. 

Interfashional Night 2023

Inter-Fashional Night is an annual event organized by the IC international club (ICIC) where international IC students get to showcase their traditional clothes on stage. 

“2 Suitcases, 100 Pounds” by Baneet Pukhrambam

A photographic series that highlights international students, “2 Suitcases, 100 Pounds” is a depiction of a common struggle faced by all students studying abroad. This project emphasizes the emotional toll it takes to pack up one’s entire life in just 2 suitcases, weighing less than 100 pounds in total. It is a depiction of the international student community at Ithaca College, and the experiences that connect these rather disconnected individuals.