Filing Taxes

It's tax time again! All international persons who were physically present in the US during calendar year 2020 are required to file a federal tax return. The new tax filing deadline is now May 17, 2021.


If you were not employed during calendar year 2020, you will be considered an Exempt Individual and you need to file only Form 8843.  Please go to our website if you would like instructions on how to complete Form 8843. 


If you were employed at any time during calendar year 2020, your employer should have already generated a tax form (W-2) for you.  If you worked at IC in 2020: you can obtain your W-2  through ADP as outlined on the Payroll website  If you experience any issues registering with ADP or if you have questions about your W-2, please e-mail payroll@ithaca.edu.


Tax filing support for everyone in the international family will be provided by the Ithaca College chapter of VITA, the IRS's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. We are very excited about this partnership which will allow caring and individualized support for every member of our community who would like tax preparation assistance. This year we will not be offering online software as we’ve done in the past. VITA will be able to work remotely with everyone in our community and assist with all tax-filing needs. 

You can give us your consent by doing the following:

  • Review the IRS Consent Form 14446. The first 2 pages describe our process, page 3 is the actual consent form.
  • Complete p. 3 and send it as an attachment to ksmoker@ithaca.edu and VITA will contact you with assistance.

Contact VITA

Prof. Kari Smoker, Site Manager
Ithaca College VITA Tax Clinic
School of Business