Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP)

CTP is the new online booking tool for approved College employee travel. The use of CTP is mandatory for all domestic and international flights. Please note that a March 2024 Travel Policy revision will be posted soon!

Advantages of using a travel provider include:

  • Policies are implemented in fare pricing
  • CTP only works with Higher Education and provides savings for air and hotel
  • High end Duty of Care
  • Fees start at $5 online to $25 for agent assisted
  • Enhanced Group Travel options

If you have questions about how to set up travel arrangements, please contact

See Collegiate Travel Planners FAQS

To get started with CTP, each employee will need to Self Register (this is not for students):

1. Use your LEGAL NAME and Ithaca email address:


2. After submitting this page, CTP will upload your Profile within 24-48 hours and then send you a Welcome email with a link to activate. You will need to respond to this email within FIVE DAYS or the link will expire. If the link expires, click Forgot Password.

3. After activating the link, traveler can now update their Profile in the CTP Booking Tool. This includes credit card information, Department Number and Frequent Flyer preferences. Traveler may begin booking travel. 

If you need to become an Arranger (to make reservations for another employee, student or guest), send an email to AFTER completing your Self Registration and Profile. The employee that you are booking for must have their Profile completed as well.

If you did not attend a training session, you may review the recorded session here:

The CTP Travel Team can be reached at 888-538-3796 or 402-267-2473, Monday - Friday from 9am to 7pm EST (phone will automatically roll to emergency team 7pm - 9am EST M-F, weekends and holidays).


Technical Support: 877-208-1396 or

Domestic and International FlightsCTP mandatoryCTM PORTAL
Group Travel for 2-9 travelers

CTP mandatory

Group Travel for 10 or more travelersCTP mandatoryGroup Travel Request Form 

CTP mandatory


1) local hotels in Ithaca

2) Conferences can be reserved directly

3) Group travel when contracted and paid through Procurement


Traveler is required to obtain itemized receipt from the hotel

AirBnb is not approved at this time

Car Rental from IthacaReserve an IC Fleet CarIf no Fleet Car is available, rent from Enterprise and use Corporate Number from:
Car Rental outside of IthacaCTP mandatoryFor car rental with flight and/or lodging use CTM PORTAL

Bus Service -

individual seats

 Advanced purchase discount tickets should be purchased whenever possible and every effort must be made to obtain the lowest fare using online sites of your choice.
Bus Service - chartered for groups

Pre-approved vendors mandatory

See Approved Bus Companies on Procurement site

Student TravelCTP mandatory for all flights and strongly encouraged for lodging

Travel for students must be booked by a faculty or staff member on behalf of the traveler

See your department AA or financial manager for more information on student travel

Students or Guest Artists

CTP can only be used by faculty and staff. Any travel by students or guest artists must be booked by a faculty or staff member on behalf of the traveler. Please follow these steps to book for a student or guest:

1. Employee must Self Register and create a profile; send email to to request to be an Arranger.

2. In the CTM Portal, click on Add Guest Traveler.

3. Select flights, hotels, and car rentals* as needed. (For local hotel accommodations to be billed to your department, please see the Ithaca Corporate Lodging Rates page - DO NOT use CTP for local hotel bookings)

*If you are renting a car on behalf of a guest, that person will need to be prepared to present ID and pay for the rental with their own personal funds when picking up the vehicle. By placing a reservation, the IC Employee is only placing a hold on the vehicle; it will need to be paid for at the time of pickup.

Candidates for Employment at Ithaca College

Generally, CTP is not used to make travel arrangements for candidates. The candidate will need to make their own travel arrangements, and should then be reimbursed via Finance Cloud. See the following guide for instructions on reimbursing candidates:

Reimbursing IC Candidates for Travel Expenses

If you have a special circumstance where it is necessary to purchase travel on behalf of the candidate, please contact a CTP agent at 888-538-3796 or 

Please note - under no circumstances should a department ask a candidate for their TSA information.