Open Pages Residential Learning Community

Open Pages is a housing community centered around transgender and non-binary history, with a goal of providing an inclusive space for students that have a shared experience. The Open Pages housing community is open to all non-cis allies who are interested in creating a supportive community on campus around transgender and non-binary issues.

This community does not replace the Transgender and Non-binary Housing Accommodation process, however, it provides an attractive option for non-cisgender residents who wish to participate in this community.

   Open Pages is expanding to include a full floor dedicated to first-year students!

Learning Goals:

  • Support the development of a supportive and meaningful transgender community
  • Create opportunities for students to discuss identity, privilege, and oppression as it relates to gender  
  • Support students and help prepare students for academic success 

Location: West Tower 

Population: Incoming and Returning Students 

Community Space: WT Floor Lounge 

Incentives: Trips, events, supportive staff/faculty, Single-Use bathrooms and close to the LGBTQ+ Office in Towers Concourse  

If you have questions about the Open Pages RLC, please contact:

How to Apply

You can apply for the Open Pages Residential Learning Community within the Housing Portal through HomerConnect.