Beds and Linens

Residential rooms at Ithaca College are furnished with twin XL beds (mattress is 36" x 80" x 7"), except for Circle Apartment single bedrooms which have full-sized beds (mattress is 54" x 75" x 7"). Each student needs to bring their own pillows, mattress pad, sheets, and blankets; these items are not supplied.

Most twin XL beds are set at the “High B” setting when the residence halls and apartments open in the fall. The twin XL beds are adjustable to various heights and configurations. Due to our health and safety considerations, all bunked and lofted beds must be installed by the College.  Residents can make requests using the maintenance request system; requests are not accepted prior to the official Fall Semester Opening Day (August 16, 2021), during Thanksgiving and Winter breaks, or after the first day of Spring Break. 

Requests for lofts are completed as quickly as possible, depending on staff and bed part availability. Please do not enter a duplicate request if your first request has not been completed yet, as duplicate requests slow down the system. If you request a bunked or lofted bed, bed safety rails will be installed on both sides of the lofted bed or upper bunk. Residents do not have the option to refuse bed safety rails. 

Residents may elevate a bed by placing one cinder block horizontally under each leg or using bed risers. Bed risers that contain electrical outlets are not allowed, as they are a fire hazard. Residents are responsible for the removal and disposal of cinder blocks or bed risers at check-out.

Looking to purchase bed linens?

Help support Ithaca College's Residence Hall Association through purchasing with our partner, OCM. Click here to browse the many options they have for bed linens and accessories.

Bunks and Lofts

To request a bed adjustment, submit a maintenance request using the maintenance request system. You must supply the description (below) and the bed location. 

  • Low A and Bunk E: 11" under bed(s). 

  • High B and Bunk F: 24" under bed(s). 

  • Loft C: 40" under bed. 

  • Loft D: 54" under bed. 

 If something is broken or is not working properly, submit a maintenance request using the maintenance request system.