We believe that leadership development is integral to a student’s college experience and overall educational process.

The Office of Student Engagement offers a wide variety of leadership development opportunities designed to help students identify and develop their leadership paths.

Taking advantage of these opportunities will provide you with experiences and skills that will broaden your educational experiences and will assist you while in college and in later life roles.

Students participating in leadership development opportunities at Ithaca College will:

  • Demonstrate awareness that leadership is a process by identifying personal values and leadership goals.
  • Constructively engage and collaborate with others through active group participation.
  • Serve as positive social change agents by examining their own cultural identities and responding with openness to others’ perspectives.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and creative problem solving skills by applying material from co-curricular leadership learnings to address personal and community concerns.
  • Apply their understanding of responsibility in the leadership process by keeping accurate records of their own participation in leadership development opportunities.
  • Communicate the practical leadership skills learned on career planning materials, including resumes, portfolios, and interviews.

Contact Information:
E-mail: ose@ithaca.edu
Phone: 607-274-3222

Staff Members:

Mish Lenhart
Director of Student Engagement

Jess Shapiro
Assistant Director of Student Engagement

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