Knowledge to Action Retreat

This retreat provides an opportunity for students to learn about some historical aspects of activism, hear stories from IC alumni who used their knowledge of equity issues to become agents of social change, and make a plan for taking action on campus and in the community.

Who is this program for? 
The Knowledge to Action Retreat will help any Ithaca College student develop skills and knowledge to drive positive social change for more socially just communities. No matter the issue or cause you are advocating for, it takes leadership to create change. All Ithaca College students belong to a multitude of different lived experiences including areas of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status and many more. Therefore, we are looking for a group of people that come from many different lived experiences who want to participate. Every Ithaca College student is eligible and highly encouraged to register.

What are the logistics of this event? 
The 2024 retreat will take place on Saturday, November 9 in Auburn, NY. We will tour the Harriet Tubman National Historical Park, visit the NYS Equal Rights Heritage Center and have a full afternoon of lunch and activities at the event space at Prison City Brewing. The bus will leave campus at 9:00am and return to campus at 5:00pm. Meals, transportation, and all materials are provided for attendees, so there is no fee to participate. The retreat will count for three Leading in a Diverse World sessions in the Student Leadership Institute. 

How do I sign up? 

REGISTRATION FOR THE 2024 RETREAT WILL OPEN IN SEPTEMBER and will be filled on a first-to-sign-up basis. Space is limited so we encourage interested students to sign up early.

Group of 25 students posing on a stage.

KTAR 2023 participants at one of the retreat sites.

The Equal Rights Heritage Center features a state-of-the-art exhibition titled “Seeing Equal Rights in NYS” where New York State’s progressive history supporting equality comes to life through interactive displays. Experience the creative ways New Yorkers organized to stand for justice, and learn about the key contributors from the 1800s to modern day.

Retreat participants will visit sites on the Harriet Tubman lantern trail, including touring Harriet Tubman's former home.

Lunch and afternoon programming will be held at a local establishment with a mission that supports the goals of the retreat. Meet a panel of alumni who have incorporated activism into their lives, enjoy delicious food, and learn how to create a media piece to help others learn about your social change passion area!

Contact Information

For additional information about the Knowledge to Action Retreat, please e-mail, or call 607-274-3222.

This retreat is a collaboration between the BIPOC Unity Center and the Office of Student Engagement.