Student Leadership Institute

The Student Leadership Institute (SLI) is a series of interactive workshops designed to help students develop and refine personal leadership skills. The SLI is open to all IC students, there is no cost to participate, and you may choose to take part in a series of sessions and earn a certificate - or attend any individual session YOU would like! Register for SLI workshops anytime on IC Engage!
Register for SLI workshops on IC Engage!

Register for SLI workshops on IC Engage, and remember SLI is for everyone!

This was the first educational session that I began to learn something that I will take with me forever. 

Avery Virkler '23

Your Path to Leadership

Four SLI logos, one for each path

Leading Self: Equips students with the fundamental skills and ideas to grow as leaders, students, and individuals. These workshops focus on mindfulness and personal growth.

Leading Others: Provides students with practical strategies for leading effectively in groups in the classroom, the home, the workplace, and beyond.

Leading in a Diverse World: Enhances students' understanding of other people through the lens of personal identity development, learning about the experiences of people in other identity groups, and exploring various topics related to diversity and social justice.

Leading@IC: Prepares students to lead within student organizations through workshops that provide useful information and resources as well as help students develop leadership skills!

To View and Register for SLI Workshops

All SLI registration is done through IC Engage. Each SLI workshop is labeled with the SLI logo indicating that it counts for credit! Each session you attend will appear on your IC Engage Event History, and your co-curricular transcript. 

You must pre-register 24 hours in advance for the workshop(s) of your choice. Registration will close 24 hours prior to each event as a courtesy to our presenters. 

SLI Program Important Dates 2023-2024

  SLI Sessions Posted First Day of Sessions Last Day of Sessions
Fall Block 1 08/23/2023 08/30/2023 10/11/2023
Fall Block 2 10/9/2023 10/16/2023 12/01/2023
Spring Block 3 01/22/2024 01/29/2024 03/08/2024
Spring Block 4 03/12/2024 03/18/2024 04/26/2024

SLIs have been one of my favorite parts of my college experience and I am going to miss them so much. 

Abby Damouras '22

Want to Present Your Own SLI Workshop?

Anyone on campus can present an SLI workshop: faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners included!  We also partner with offices and student organizations to offer existing events for SLI credit.  Check out more information here.

SLI Attendance Policy

SLI tracks attendance before each event so that our presenters can plan according to workshop capacity. 

In the past several years, we have seen people "front-load" their sessions by signing up for sessions they have no intention of going to. This can take a spot from a student who has an interest in that topic. In order to curb this from happening we track absences at each SLI program.

In order to receive credit for an SLI event and not be marked absent, you must arrive within 10 minutes of the session start time, stay for the entire time, and be fully engaged throughout the session time. (Note: sessions may be structured such that arriving late at all will negatively impact the experience and credit will not be given if tardy to such a session.  Please try to arrive by the session start time.) 

SLI Probation: 

SLI Probation is enacted for the subsequent block after you have accrued 3 or more absences in a given block. While on probation, you cannot sign up for the next block’s sessions until two weeks after the posting date. After your probation period has ended, you will be cleared from probation unless you accrue 3 or more absences during an additional block. 

Can't Make Your Workshop?

If you can no longer make it to an event, you can un-RSVP on Engage by clicking “no” under “Will you be attending?” If an emergency occurs and you have to un-RSVP less than 24 hours before an event, please email instead to notify us of your absence. 

I really like the workshops that are more hands-on and involve experiential learning. 

Abby Hoffert '24


How do I login to IC Engage? 

  • Use your IC Netpass username and password to log in. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it at

How do I request an SLI certificate?

  • You may request a printed or electronic certificate once you have completed 6 sessions within the same path. 
  • Simply fill out the SLI Certificate Request Form which is located under "Forms" on IC Engage.  This form is open only during the academic year.
  • Soon after this form is completed and submitted, the SLI Team will review your submission and create the certificate. 

I didn’t receive credit for a session I attended last month/week/year.  What do I do?

  • Send an e-mail to with the date, time, and title of the session. The SLI Team will double-check their records and respond to you directly.

Have a question not listed here? Email and the SLI team will get back to you as soon as possible!

Staff and Contact Information

Reach out to the SLI Team with any other questions!