Leading Self

Equips students with the fundamental skills and ideas to grow as leaders, students, and individuals. These workshops focus on mindfulness and personal growth.

Attending Leading Self SLI's has made me realize that I need to be kinder to myself and lead in ways in which I am using my own strengths.

Amelia Myers '24

A Sample of Leading Self Workshop Offerings

Prioritizing: It’s Okay to Say No to Things! - How do we find balance in our busy schedules? It's hard to say no when so many opportunities become available, and everything seems so exciting and rewarding, but how do we maintain the boundaries that allow us to keep a healthy work-life balance?

Presented by Lily Milkis '25, Student Leadership Consultant, Office of Student Engagement

The Career Journey for the First Gen College Student - The career journey can be a very confusing one for a first generation college student, and finding the right people to help can make all the difference. As a part of the First Gen Center's Annual First Gen Week, come to the Career Center and listen to a panel of IC faculty and staff members who are themselves first generation college graduates, to learn how to avoid pitfalls and access resources that you didn't even know you needed.

Presented by Dave Curry, Director, Center for Career Exploration & Development; Sam Elebiary, Associate Director, Career Engagement and Education; and Shadayvia Wallace, Associate Director, BIPOC Unity Center

Self-Care Jeopardy - During a Jeopardy-style game about self-care, you will work with other students to test your knowledge of self-care and wellness topics, including sleep, stress, physical activity, and time management.

Presented by Michelle Goode, Program Director, Center for Health Promotion

Finals Prep: Prioritization for Academic Success - Join us for a transformative session that will empower you to prioritize effectively, manage stress, and excel during the crucial finals period. Learn how to organize your study priorities, manage time efficiently, and approach finals with confidence.

Presented by Quinten Hernandez, Student Success Coach, Center for Student Success

The Leading Self track helped me gain confidence in my leadership abilities which has helped develop my skills in networking, communication, and presenting.

Josephine Horchler '22