The bustle, energy, and opportunity at the center of the world lies only four hours from Ithaca. As a major intersection of international culture and commerce, New York City is  a metropolis of possibilities for Ithaca College students.

The semester-long ICNYC program is now open to select majors from all five schools. The program centers on a six-credit internship and at least six credits of coursework. Classroom-based and online courses are available for students. Classroom and meeting space is provided by the The Cornell University Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) Conference Center.

ICNYC also has two new programs for music majors only, one focused on music performance and the other on sound recording technology. These are offered during Fall semesters only.

ICNYC is designed to let students live and gain real work experience in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Grab hold of your opportunity.

The New York City Program is an initiative of IC20/20. ICNYC Program Objectives include:

  • having a meaningful internship experience or Music/Sound Recording Technology experience
  • gaining confidence in what you know and can contribute
  • developing an understanding of what you need to learn or perfect
  • taking advantage of the opportunity to build a professional network
  • developing the discipline to study, intern, practice, and enjoy the City
  • learning the ropes of independence and responsibility.