Housing Options for Spring 2021

Continuing Students

Rising Juniors and Seniors

As a rising junior or senior, you have the opportunity to explore housing options in traditional halls, Residential Learning Communities (RLCs), and apartments. Typically housing assignments are set up during the spring semester for the following academic year. The specific housing available (areas of campus, room types, and the number of available spaces) varies each year.

If a senior or a student who meets residence/off-campus policy exemption criteria has already secured an on campus apartment and then requests to have an off-campus exception granted, housing will be removed. In an apartment, this means the remaining apartment-mates may need to re-select another on-campus housing option.

Rising Sophomores

Most rising sophomores select housing during the summer into traditional double and triple rooms. If there are any remaining single rooms or spaces in shared apartments after junior and senior housing has ended, these are available as well. 

Rising sophomores also have the opportunity to apply for RLCs during the spring semester. You also may apply for block housing (a process by which 3-6 individuals may apply to live in rooms in a cluster near each other).

Class standing for housing selection eligibility is determined by the number of semesters enrolled at Ithaca College (IC), not academic credits.

Once a housing assignment is made, it will be final. You may request a room change through a wait list or vacancy request process, however, a room change is not guaranteed.

Setting Up Your Housing

If you are interested in living with a person of another gender you may do so through creating a mixed gender roommate/apartment-mate group. Open Housing spaces are available in co-ed or all-gender floors or buildings as well as Emerson Hall and on-campus apartments. 

Rising juniors and seniors may retain (squat) your current room or apartment assignment for the coming academic year under the following conditions:

  1. Single rooms in traditional halls may be retained unless it is designated for specialized use (accommodations or in a RLC) or if the building is expected to be used as first-year housing in the upcoming year. Retention of double rooms in traditional halls is not available based on lack of interest.
  2. A Circle or Garden Apartment may be retained only if:
    • all the bed spaces in the apartment can be completely filled at the time of selection, and
    • at least half of the students must be the current residents of the apartment (for example: a 5-person apartment requires at least 3 current residents and 2 additional students).

Students who retain a traditional room or Garden Apartment are required to check out at the end of the spring semester and remove all belongings. You are not allowed to remain in these assignments over the summer. (Summer housing options are available through the Campus Center and Event Services Office.)

Students who retain a Circle Apartment for the upcoming academic year and lived in that apartment during the previous term may stay in their apartment during the summer break. Every year the Office of Residential Life makes physical improvements to a number of apartments. Students living in an apartment where physical improvements are scheduled will be required to consolidate into apartments in another building in order for work to be completed. If you have questions about the renovation cycle or work being done to your apartment, you can email reshallops@ithaca.edu.

Apartment selection takes place on the Housing Portal (accessed via HomerConnect) for Circle and Garden apartments. In order to select an apartment, the apartment must be fully filled with no vacancies. Apartment selection is competitive and not all upper year students are guaranteed to live in apartments.

Students interested in selecting an apartment should:

  1. Create a group on the Housing Portal.
  2. Log onto the Housing Portal at the designated time (see timeline on the Housing Portal) to attempt to select specific apartment type.
    • Selection is prioritized by semester standing. The group's average number of semesters will determine when the group may select.
    • Only the group leader may log into the system on selection day.

Apartment selection days typically are organized by apartment sizes and locations so you have an opportunity to try for several types of apartments. If you are unsuccessful in securing one type of apartment during selection, they may be another opportunity.

A rising junior/senior apartment group may include a sophomore(s) in their apartment selection group as long as sophomore(s) will make up less than 50% of the group (for example: in a 4-person apartment only one student can be a sophomore). In order to be eligible for apartment selection groups will need the following semester averages:

  • 3-person apartments: 2.3 average semesters
  • 4-person apartments: 2.5 average semesters
  • 5-person apartments: 2.2 average semesters
  • 6-person apartments: 2.3 average semesters

Rising juniors and seniors have first priority to live in single rooms in any traditional halls (excluding RLCs, special use spaces, and areas which may be used for first-year housing). Rising sophomores may have the opportunity to be housed in a single room should any remaining spaces be available during sophomore selection.

Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors may submit an application on the Housing Portal to live in a RLC. Application results (acceptance or denial) will be published on the Housing Portal and emailed. You may apply to multiple communities and indicate a top preference with your Housing Preferences.

Rising sophomores interested in living in a block of 3-6 people may submit an online application (via the Housing Portal) requesting a housing block.

Block housing requests will be assigned first by the average semester standing of the group and then by priority number. Groups will be notified of their housing assignment or if their request could not be met via email. All assignments will be final.

In order to promote engaging residential communities, only one Block Housing group is allowed per Emerson or Terrace wing. Block Housing is a popular process and not everyone will be able to select their first choice. Historically, far more people request Emerson than there are blocks available. (Emerson offers a total of 6 blocks – meaning 6 groups may receive housing in Emerson - whereas more options are available in the Terraces.)

Block Housing is available in the following configurations:

  • Groups of 3:
    • 1 triple room in Emerson Hall or the Terraces
  • Groups of 4:
    • 2 double rooms in Emerson Hall or the Terraces, or
    • 1 4-person room in Emerson Hall
  • Groups of 5:
    • 1 double and 1 triple room in Emerson Hall or the Terraces
  • Groups of 6:
    • 2 triple rooms in Emerson Hall or the Terraces, or
    • 1 double room and 1 4-person room in Emerson Hall