Community Director Job Description

Occupational Summary

Coordinate all administrative operations, and supervision of an apartment area and community center to include selecting, training, supervising and evaluating undergraduate Residential Life staff and a full time area office operations assistant. Participate in departmental committees, and manage operational functions within the assigned apartment area. Meet the needs of apartment residents through personal counseling and programming efforts . Develop and maintain liaison relationships with other Student Affairs and Campus Life Offices and participate in the overall planning and management of the residence hall system.


This position reports to the Area Coordinator and supervises all undergraduate Residential Life staff and a full time area office operations assistant assigned to their respective residence hall(s) and or apartment(s).

Representative Duties

Duties may include, but are not limited to the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Essential Duties

  1. Supervise undergraduate students working as Resident Assistants in College on-campus apartments.
  2. Supervise support staff and student office staff working in satellite office; monitor and evaluate work performance in accordance with Department and College goals, objectives, policies and procedures. Ensure compliance with procedures.
  3. Work to implement the goals and priorities as outlined in the departmental master plan including student development and operations components, in assigned campus apartments. Provide leadership for Resident Assistant staff in setting goals for the year. Serve on departmental committees.
  4. Recruit, select, and train apartment Resident Assistants; monitor work performance for accuracy and completeness in accordance with Department and College goals and objectives; ensure compliance of staff with established Residential Life policies and procedures. Participate in recruitment, selection and training for all Resident Assistants.
  5. Create and implement staff development programs in conjunction with the Area Coordinator; attend, participate in and help plan, professional development sessions and training.
  6. Evaluate the performance of various residential life staff members including Resident Assistants, colleagues, supervisor, area office operations assistant and committee members on a regular basis and during the yearly departmental evaluation process.
  7. Serve as primary personal counseling resource for staff and students in dealing with specific residence hall apartment problems including roommate conflicts, personal and emotional problems, diversity issues, and other developmental concerns; Develop a familiarity with campus and community resources to ensure timely, efficient referrals when appropriate.
  8. Establish and maintain communication with students living in the apartments through individual contacts, meetings, and discussions. Serve as a mediator/facilitator when necessary to provide resolutions for interpersonal conflicts between students.
  9. Meet with students and serve as Judicial Hearing Officer for students referred for disciplinary concerns; enact appropriate judicial sanctions and/or developmental counseling to effectively resolve disciplinary problems in consultation with the Area Coordinator and Assistant Director of Judicial Affairs.
  10. Assist in the administration of the departmental assessment plan including; administering the Quality of Life Survey and student focus groups.
  11. Develop and maintain awareness of community issues for students in the apartments through communication with area Residential Life staff and initiate efforts to respond to such issues. Work with Resident Assistants to provide programs which are supportive to the residence community.
  12. Manage the area office budgets and operations, including supervision of office staff. Develop and monitor office policies and procedures and ensure completion of all administrative and operational functions such as key distribution and collection, damage assessment, reporting and billing; and maintenance requests. Serve as facility manager for apartments including conducting room checks, reporting and following up on housekeeping, maintenance and facilities requests.
  13. Coordinate Apartment turnover and damage billing process over summer and winter break periods.
  14. Serve as facility manager for community center to include conducting building checks, following up on maintenance issues, and facilitate equipment and room usage.
  15. Supervise, train, and evaluate full time Area Office Operations Assistant and student office assistant(s) and maintain Resident Assistant programming, staff development, and office supply budgets and monitor expenditures. Provide leadership for Resident Assistant staff in setting goals for the year.
  16. Work with the Assistant Director for Housing Services and Communications to manage and coordinate room assignments and changes in the apartments and communicate/resolve problems in accordance with established procedures.
  17. Respond to all inquiries, problems, and complaints from students, staff, and parents related to the apartments. Proactively and reactively respond to unnecessary/unreasonable apartment damages and vandalism.
  18. Assist the Area Coordinator and Assistant Director for Operations in planning for summer renovations, making recommendations for the purchase of furnishings and equipment, recommending improvements to housekeeping services, and preventative maintenance and safety measures.
  19. Maintain effective working relationships with Offices of Facilities, Public Safety, Counseling Center, and other Student Affairs and Campus Life and College offices.
  20. Work with Resident Assistants, Public Safety, Counseling Center , and Management Team to respond to crisis situations in accordance with departmental and institutional emergency procedures. Assume "on-call" responsibility for all area residence halls and apartments on a scheduled basis.
  21. Participate in the overall planning and management of the residence hall system and provide input in the development of policies and procedures. Participation on task forces, and group goal planning and objective setting.


Bachelor's degree and previous graduate or professional Student Affairs experience; strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills, demonstrated leadership and supervisory abilities are required. The incumbent will also be required to live in the residence hall 12 months per year. A master's degree in Student Personnel or related field and/or previous graduate or professional work experience in Residence Life preferred.

Work Environment

Most of the work of the incumbent is carried out within a generally accessible, safe, indoor environment. The incumbent will be required to operate a personal computer and associated equipment such as computer printers as well as other office equipment used in day-to-day operations. The incumbent will be required to live in the residence hall 12 months per year. The incumbent will have "on-call" responsibilities and will be required to respond to emergency and other situations during and after normal business hours. The incumbent will also be required to work some evenings and weekends for openings/closings, staff selection and training as well as the apartment turnover during winter and summer break periods.