How long does it take before my Wait List request is satisfied?

Wait List applications are made available to current on-campus students during the Fall and Spring semesters, and during Summer Break. Wait Lists provide an opportunity for a current on-campus student to be reassigned to a single, double, triple, or an Emerson room, or to a suite or apartment as a vacancy might occur. There is no guarantee that the Office of Residential Life will be able to offer a Wait List reassignment. Please visit our calendar for the dates on which applications for Wait Lists are available.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, a student whose Wait List application can be satisfied will be promptly notified of the reassignment offer by the Office of Residential Life with a limited period of time to either accept or decline the reassignment. If the student declines the offer, he or she will be removed from that Wait List and must reapply in order to be considered for another space.

During Summer break, a student Wait-List applicant authorizes the Office of Residential Life to change his or her room assignment without additional notification so long as the new assignment is one of the preferences noted on his or her form. Students will first be able to verify a new room assignment when he or she logs into HomerConnect in August.