Residence Hall Amenities and Services

If you were to ask five current students, "Where is the best place to live on campus?" you'd likely get five different answers. That diversity of personal preference is one reason why Ithaca College offers a variety of living options in our residence halls. These include single, double, and triple rooms in traditional areas (Quads, Terraces, Towers and Emerson), and several styles of apartments in apartment areas (Circles and Gardens).

Each traditional residence hall at Ithaca College has at least one kitchenette that is equipped with a refrigerator, sink, range, and microwave oven, a self-service laundry facility, and two or more lounges. Lounges are popular for studying, socializing, and watching television, and they are also used for educational programs and hall community meetings. Generally, one of these lounges is designated as a quiet area for study.

Apartments at Ithaca College provide our students with an on-campus, independent living option. Circle Apartments offer 3-, and 4-bedroom patio apartments, and 5-bedroom townhouse apartments. Garden Apartments offer studio-style, and 2- and 3-bedroom townhouse-style apartments. Each apartment area has a self-service laundry facility and mail room as well as additional features.

Ithaca College students can attempt to select the type of housing and the hall that best suits their needs, but we cannot guarantee their ability to find that option available. Several of our residential facilities offer accommodations for students with disabilities. Please contact the Office of Student Accessibility Services for more information. Refer to the Room Selection and Housing Program section for restrictions and additional selection information.

View towards the Towers from the Lower Quad.
No Smoking Please

All residence halls and apartments at Ithaca College are smoke free. Students and their guests may not smoke in any room, apartment, lounge, hallway, stairwell, laundry facility, bathroom, or balcony within a campus residence hall including the Circle and Garden Apartments.