Quad Apartments

Quad Apartments are a residential option in certain Quad Residence Halls. Quad Apartments are first made available to students with special housing needs, but any not required for that purpose are made available to current students by Wait List application.

Each Quad Apartment is complete with wall-to-wall carpeting and draperies, a full bathroom, a kitchen with an electric range and full-size refrigerator, a dining room table with two chairs, a two-seat sofa, a single-seat chair, a coffee and end table, and built-in closets.

The bedroom is complete with a single extra-long bed (mattress dimension is 36" x 80" x 7"), a study desk and chair, and a four-drawer dresser for each resident.

There is a ResNet port to provide computer access to the college network, one modular telephone jack, and one cable TV jack (cable service must be contracted by the residents through Time-Warner of Ithaca).

The Quad Apartment living room is approximately 13'4" (w) x 12'3" (d). The bedroom is approximately 11'6" (w) x 12'1" (d). The bathroom is approximately 4'10" (w) x 7'4" (d).

This is a representative Quad apartment, but all rooms on the Ithaca College campus vary in size, shape and configuration.