First-Year Students Making IC Home

Moving into Ithaca College can be a crazy time.  While the process of hauling all your stuff to your room may be frustrating, it's exciting to start making new friends and to begin life here on campus.

First-year student Melanie Burian, featured in the video, said moving in was great.  She said the College made the process simple, and with her family all there to help her, it was a fun experience.  Melanie also said she loves her room (and her awesome view), her roommates, her floor mates and the College itself.

Melanie said her life currently at Ithaca "is going really well."  She said, "I met friends in my residence hall who are great, classes are going great -- they are really interesting."

Melanie said she is glad she chose to come to Ithaca. 

"I think it has a really personal feel toward it and people here like to help you out," she said.  "It's a really friendly environment."

Originally published in Fuse: First-Year Students Making IC Home.