Welcome to the First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE) at Ithaca College! FYRE is an educational, community experience that provides support for a student’s transition to IC and prompts students to consider their role in a community. First-year students in FYRE have opportunities to meet people from varying backgrounds and perspectives, participate in interesting and engaging activities, connect with faculty and staff, and learn about the importance of sustainability within our community.

The mission of FYRE is to provide a year-long, intentional living-learning environment that eases student transitions, develops strong, active communities, and stimulates intellectual curiosity. Our FYRE program helps students achieve a set of student learning outcomes through a combination of interactive educational experiences. Within FYRE, students will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • strengths they possess and how they can apply those skills to advance the community
  • the responsibilities of being an active community member
  • the benefits of engaging with diverse perspectives
  • concepts of sustainability and sustainability’s role in the community
  • ways you can nurture positive interactions with others

Our FYRE program asks students to be active participants in their community experience by helping shape community events, participating in community council, and sharing ideas with the faculty and staff working with the community.

FYRE is located in the following six residential clusters:

  • Boothroyd, Rowland, & Tallcott (BRT)
  • East Tower (ET)
  • Eastman & Lyon (EL)
  • Hilliard, Hood, & Holmes (HHH or "Triple H")
  • Landon, Bogart, & Clarke (LBC)
  • West Tower (WT)

FYRE Amenities:

FYRE residence halls are all located within a short walk to three Dining Halls, the Campus Center, the Academic Enrichment Services Office, the Library, the Academic Quad, the Residential Life Office, the Fitness Center, and more. Within each residence hall there are social lounges, a TV lounge, laundry facilities, and a kitchen/kitchenette. View all the amenities by residence hall by viewing the Residence Hall Amenities and Services page.

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students on stairwell after fun
BRT Staff Event
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