Welcome from the Dean

I want to personally welcome you to Ithaca College. I am thrilled that you decided to continue your college education with us. We understand that, as a transfer student, you have needs and interests that are different from other first-year students. This website will provide information and resources regarding any special questions that you might have. We hope that this information will help you get to know your resources and help you make a smooth transition to Ithaca College.

Three attributes, embedded in the vision statement of Ithaca College, serve as a focus for the incoming class each year. These attributes are “intellect,” “creativity,” and “character.” Through the components of the Transfer Experience, and other programs on campus, you will read about, discuss, and reflect upon issues that relate to the development of these attributes. By actively participating in new experiences and engaging in interactions that challenge pre-existing perspectives and values, it is our hope that you will strengthen your understanding of the meaning of intellect, creativity, and character.

We encourage you to embrace the Transfer Experience as it serves as the foundation for what will become your Ithaca Experience.

Dr. Roger G. Richardson
Associate Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs;
First-Year Experience

Dr. Roger Richardson is the Dean of First-Year Experience