Yes, the Title IX Office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5pm. You can contact us by calling 607-274-7761 or by emailing Linda Koenig at or Omar Stoute at

Yes, you can make a report by calling the Title IX Coordinator at 607-274-7761 or by emailing

Yes. Title IX applies to all Ithaca College students who cause or are subjected to a hostile educational environment on property owned or operated by the College, or while engaged in College activities regardless of the location. This may also include conduct occurring online, via e-mail or via other electronic medium. Title IX resources are available to all students who are enrolled in coursework, whether the material is delivered on-campus, online or abroad. We all have a right to experience our educational environment free from sex and gender-based discrimination.

Students who experience sexual or intimate partner violence have all the rights afforded to them, as outlined in the New York State Students' Bill of Rights, regardless of where they are located. These rights include but are not limited to:

  • The right to make a report to law enforcement or choose not to report.
  • The right to report an incident to the institution.
  • The right to be protected by Ithaca College from retaliation by individuals within the College’s jurisdiction.
  • The right to receive assistance and resources from Ithaca College.

The right to participate in a fair and impartial process

Yes, The Title IX Office and the Office of Public Safety will continue to conduct thorough investigations remotely as we work with all parties to determine the most appropriate use of technology available. Once investigations are completed, materials will be forwarded to the Office of Judicial Affairs to begin the hearing portion of the process.

Yes, the Title IX Office can help connect you to a law enforcement agency.

Yes, the Title IX office will work with available on and off campus resources to support all parties involved in the process.

To find local and national resources, visit the SUNY Sexual Assault and Violence Response (SAVR) website.

Resources will vary depending on your location, however the Title IX Office is available to help students find resources and services in their local area (such as advocacy centers, medical facilities and mental health services) to supplement remote resources available from the College.

No, employee responsibilities to report sexual misconduct disclosed to them has not changed. All reports can be emailed to Linda Koenig at You may also call 607-274-7761 to consult about a potential report to the Title IX Office. Please note, that a report of a disclosure will result in an outreach in the form of an email from the Title IX Coordinator to the impacted person. An individual has a choice to respond or not to that outreach.