Helping a Friend?

You can support a friend who is making a report or responding to a report of sexual misconduct.  Helpful resources can be found in the Reporting Party Brochure and Responding Party Brochure available below. Some strategies to help a friend include:

  • Listen:  Practice active listening skills by reflecting what they tell you and offering support. 
  • Let your Friend Lead the Conversation: Allow your friend to determine the pace and focus of the conversation. 
  • Avoid Asking Questions:  Do not ask your friends judgmental questions or make judgmental statements.  Avoid "why" questions whenever possible. 
  • Take Care of Yourself:  Know and respect your own boundaries.  Seek support from resources on and off campus for yourself.
  • Access Support for Your Friend:  You can submit an ICARE referral for your friend.  For immediate support or in the case of an emergency contact Public Safety at (607) 274-3333

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to the Title IX Office at 607-274-7761.