Susan Durnford

Lecturer, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology



Academic Courses and Clinical Supervision:

Undergraduate Level

                  Introduction to Communication Disorders

                  Language and Learning Disability

                  Communication Disorders in the Aging Population

                  Fluency and Voice Disorders (formerly Stuttering and Voice Disorders)

                                (co-taught, responsible for Stuttering/Fluency section of course)

                  Articulation and Phonological Development and Disorders

                  Service Learning Experience

                  Supervision for Clinic II, Professional Semester in Education (Student Teaching) and Advanced Clinic

                  Independent Studies: Pediatric Dysphagia

Graduate Level

                  Advanced Topics in Language Disorders

                  Supervision for Clinic I – IV, and Externships

                  Seminar in Speech Pathology: Motor Speech Disorders

                  Selected Topics (ST): Closed Head Injury

                  Rehabilitation of Acquired Cognitive Disorders

                  Independent Studies: Traumatic Brain Injury

                  Fluency Development and Disorders