International Travel

Travel to certain countries deemed to have an elevated risk may require additional information from the traveler(s) and may be denied at the discretion of the College. It is the responsibility of the traveler to stay up to date on current situations/advisories for the countries where travel will be occurring. See more information below.

When traveling outside of the United States on Ithaca College business, employees are advised to obtain information about foreign car rentals, travel advisories and other insurance liability issues prior to departure. Contact the Office of Risk Management at (607) 274-3285, or the Office of International Programs at (607) 274-3306 for more information.

  • The expense report submitted for an international trip must contain one zero-dollar expense item with the International Travel expense type. Use this item to list all trip attendee names, number of days travelled, and any other pertinent information. See Managing Expense Items for further instructions.
  • Reimbursement requests for International Travel follow the same guidelines as the general Travel Policy.
  • Expense Reports must be submitted in U.S. dollars with an explanation and translation of the foreign receipts and their conversions.
  • Travelers must use the currency rates that were in effect on the date the expense was incurred. Travelers may use the following websites to obtain such rates:, (for reimbursements). For charges on the Ithaca College Travel Card, use the actual amount converted to U.S. dollars.
  • Foreign transactions charged to credit cards are automatically converted to U.S. dollars. Ithaca College Travel Card transactions will incur a 1% foreign transaction fee. These fees must be included on the expense report.

Countries deemed to have an elevated risk are identified based on a variety of information including the International SOS Global Risk Ratings, Department of State Travel Advisories, as well as international sanctions or embargos. Travel to countries with a Level 4 Department of State Travel Advisory is not allowed. 

**Please register your international travel.**

**Please contact JPMorgan Chase by phone at (800)316-6056 (or internationally at (847)488-3748) to notify them that your are traveling internationally, where you are traveling, and on what dates**

Note: If a traveler does not accurately complete and receive approval of a Spend Authorization prior to travel or if the traveler did not register their travel; the college reserves the right to seek reimbursement of funds back from the traveler and/or deny out of pocket reimbursements to the traveler.