Payment Methods

Please refer to the Travel Policy for additional information regarding payment methods.

It is recommended that travelers use the College’s Travel Card to pay for College related travel expenses. The Ithaca College Travel Card program is designed to provide employees with a convenient method to pay for all approved travel related College expenses. The College’s Travel Card may not be used to pay for personal expenses or the expenses of individuals not employed by Ithaca College.

The Ithaca College Travel Card application is available on the Travel Services web site along with a detailed listing of guidelines for the application and continued use of the Ithaca College Travel Card. All applications are subject to review and approval by the Travel Card Program Administrator.

While the Ithaca College Travel Card is the preferred method of payment for travel expenses, those without access to a Travel Card (students, non-employees, and employee's who may travel too infrequently to apply for a Travel Card) may use cash or a personal credit card to pay for travel expenses.

Prepaid travel expenses (such as airline tickets) purchased with personal funds will not be reimbursed until after the trip or event has taken place.

When the Travel Card cannot be used, Purchase Orders can be submitted.

Wire transfers are used for International Travel to pay for pre-trip travel arrangements, and require an invoice, completed Wire Authorization Form, and completed W8-BEN (Individual) or W8-BENE (Business Organization) . In order to allow time for processing, you must submit a Team Dynamix Ticket requesting the Wire and please be sure to attach all of the completed documents required at least one week prior to deposit/payment deadline.

Ithaca College limits cash advances to employees traveling internationally, with student group programs, or extended stays (seven or more consecutive days). Cash Advances are requested using IC Finance Cloud, and are issued using the payment method chosen in the Expenses app. An approved Spend Authorization must be submitted for a cash advance to be considered by Travel Services.